Sunday, July 26, 2009

Selling More Books, and Reviews

I have already completed my booklet (20 pages
at least) for authors, including information how
to sell more books.

I was in the process of doing a case study for it,
but hit a wall in accomplishing the next step.
I will continue to move forward with that. In the
meantime, I will offer a free ebook to download
later this week.

I will only be doing 2-5 or so reviews on my blog
this month. I have joined Shelfari and will be posting
that on this blog, so you can see all I've read and what
I thought about it. From now on, I'll be only posting
about things I've published and tips, and promotional
strategies for writers.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ebook For Authors

My ebook has turned into a report. All I have to do
now is to create a cover for it, then you will be able
to purchase it on Scribd.

If you are having trouble completing your book within
a month, or cannot make enough sales. This report
is for you. I also give a list of all my favorite websites
where I get quality free, and or paid information.

Look for this in the next week or two.