Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review: The Paper Bag Princess

The PaperBag Princess by Robert Munsch
I often read children's books, because some of them are just plain fun! I was looking forward to a great story, but what I got was just....*sigh*. Okay, I thought this would be a traditional kid fairy story, I was wrong. It was modern. That wasn't the problem that I had with it, though. I think this would have been a better story had the writer taken the time to think out the character's lines and the story so that it was more cohesive. I feel if he had taken more time and chose his words more carefully, it would have been a really cute book. Over all, the story on a scale from one to ten was an eight, it could have went to ten if the story was molded a bit more in a traditional storytelling way.

Book Review: Once Upon A Time Machine

Once Upon A Time Machine By Lee Nordling, Jason Rodriguez and other authors

Once Upon A Time Machine is a graphic novel suitable for teens. Fairy tales are taken and given a new twist in a science fiction way. It's a pretty quick read, I read it in two days, but I have mixed feelings about the book. For entertainment I give it  an A, but as for content and artwork, I have to say a B minus.
The copy that I received from NetGalley was not a PDF file, but even if it was, in some of the stories I could not read the words so I had to skip over them. I know there were various authors in the book, but the publisher should have kept everyone's fonts the same size and type for easy reading. Also, some of the words font color was on a wrong color background in some stories which made it difficult to read.
Another thing I didn't like was that the artwork was not that consistent. Some was beautiful to look at, and others, just plain ugly.Finally, there was a bit too much violence for me to fully enjoy it. In the entire book, I think there was just about five stories that I enjoyed reading, the others were just plain sad, or strange and left a bitter taste in my mouth. I hated that every time I thought a great fairytale was retold, it would end negatively. I found myself saying, 'wow, this book is great, I've got to buy it!' to 'No...I don't think so.' I think that any youth that would like to read this should look for it in your local library. If they don't have it, ask them to order it so you can    borrow it and return it.

Book Review: Prayers For Prodigals: 90 Days of Prayer For Your Child

If you have a child that has lost their way, this is  the book to read. The book is divided into thirteen weeks and each week has seven days that starts with Day 1 and ends on the 90th day. Week one's section is titled Don't Cry.
Some prayers apply to sons, others daughters.
Weeks I consider the best are week two, The Power of A Parent's Prayers,
Week 6 Just Say The Word and Week 12 Everything Is Possible.
Another thing I liked about this book were the stories sprinkled throughout. The conclusion of the book was the most miraculous of all! This was a well organized and thought out book. I am sure that it will help those in need.

Urban Fantasy Challenge

I've decided to sign up for the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Challenge that is hosted by Book Chick City.  I am going to choose level One:

One Howl: Read 12 UF/PNR Books in 2013

I wanted to read more, but I have a book to be released this year and two next year, so I've got a lot of editing to do! If you would like to be a part of the Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Challenge, you can sign up at the link below.
Urban Fantasy Challenge
I'll put up a list of what I intend to read(which may change) after I post the long awaited book reviews I have promised.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weekend News

I'll have to start posting stuff on the weekend, because I'm just too busy during the week. to keep up with my blogs. BVTGYDRXBPC7
I've got a book coming out this year(crossing fingers) and so many other projects which will be revealed in time, so there you go. Expect to see me every weekend, LoL.