Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review: The Paper Bag Princess

The PaperBag Princess by Robert Munsch
I often read children's books, because some of them are just plain fun! I was looking forward to a great story, but what I got was just....*sigh*. Okay, I thought this would be a traditional kid fairy story, I was wrong. It was modern. That wasn't the problem that I had with it, though. I think this would have been a better story had the writer taken the time to think out the character's lines and the story so that it was more cohesive. I feel if he had taken more time and chose his words more carefully, it would have been a really cute book. Over all, the story on a scale from one to ten was an eight, it could have went to ten if the story was molded a bit more in a traditional storytelling way.

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