Saturday, March 28, 2009

To Writers, With Love

I found out some amazing information last year about the best way to market your book, or sell any product, for that matter. The thing is, I listened to teleseminars, and although it was free(with the exception of the phone bill) to get the full information, you had to buy the persons "course" or pay for their seminar/workshop. To be honest, it isn't fair. I mean, o.k. the guys got to make a living, right? That's great if you have money, but during this so-called recession, us average people cannot pay $4,000-$5,000.

If you are one of those people, I have good news for you! I love to surf the Internet, and there are times that when I do, I find some really, really, great, FREE information that others would have you pay for. I found the same information about the easiest way to market your books and I am going to be including it in my next book/ebook that is for writers.

You won't have to pay $4,000-$5,000 for it either. When it is completed, I'll be posting information about it here and if you want to make more money writing, doing less work, then it's something you want to definitely add to your library.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Current Manuscripts And Projects

Each month I will list what I am working on and the stage it's in.
If it's in italics, it's not complete yet. When the books are finished,
they will be listed with a link on where you can read a review and
purchase it.
  1. Children's poetry book----complete/artwork
  2. Children's picture book----complete/artwork
  3. Nonfiction book for writers
  4. Case study for nonfiction book
  5. Inspirational (edgy) romance

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Barbara Cartland Series: A Hazard Of Hearts

When I first read this book years ago, I was hooked. The
characters werevery real, and the situation exciting as
well as dangerous and had you keep turning the pages.

Serena Staverly, a young lady whose father with an addiction to gambling, loses all his fortune, home and his daughter as well as her dowry. In the book, the hero Justin Vulcan who caused her fathers gambling, is her betrothed. I didn't like that part. Justin Vulcan is portrayed as a cold, heartless man who wins at every game he plays.

In the book version, her father committs suicide-in a stupid way by starting a fight with someone. During the story, Serena gets easily confused. She finds out what kind of a man Justin Vulcan really is, and all their deep, dark family secrets. The villain in the story is his mother, who of course can't stand Serena. She is-seriously a gangster mom.

The book really has some weird parts in it. His mother and the gypsy, the
way his mother goes after Serena in the end, which I like to refer to as
'the chase' and how the gangster mom is defeated just don't make too
much sense. In the end, of course, hero and heroine get together and
it's a happy ending(as in all her books).

A Hazard of Hearts

(Helena Bonham Carter, Marcus Gilbert
Christopher Plummer, Diana Rigg)

Hands down, the movie is much better than the book. It takes
all the nonsensical, and ridiculous parts and makes it realistic.
Another villain Lord Wrotham lusts after Serena Staverly. The
movie begins where, Serena's father is just about to leave after
winning a game, when this creep shows up and angers him
into playing with him.

Lord Staverly intending to win everything he lost from him back, ends
up losing more. So he gambles away his daughter and her 80,000 guineas
hoping to win everything back. He doesn't, Justin Vulcan steps in, and wins
her over, but not before Lord Staverly committs suicide.

Serena is distressed over the situation, but will not back down and intends
on honoring the family debt. Once meeting this man who is bethrothed he
is opposite of what everyone says about him.

The movie sticks with the great romantic parts in the book, and the end
plays out better than the book. In the book the ending is crazy. In the movie
Lord Wrotham returns, and the passing of gangster mom makes more sense.
Read the book, but definitely get the movie. It's the favorite of all her films.

Apprentice Father Review

Apprentice Father (Love Inspired #479)
I really, really loved this book. Clay Adams
a bachelor by choice, is suddenly the caregiver
of his niece and nephew after his sisters murder.
He's a man with a job that requires so much of
his time, he needs a nanny. In steps Cate Shepard.
She's had to deal with losing her dream and the
hope of a family. Her love of God got her through,
but, can she heal the two children? Will Clay be
the one man who she can count on to create a
family? There is also two villains in the story.
This is definitely worth a read. My ratings are
5 out of 5.

A Family For Luke Review

I Really, Really loved this book. The hero of the
story never had a family. A family is something
he wants more than anything. By chance or prov-
idence, he moves next door to widow, Jane Corbett
and her three children. He's starting to dream up
something possibly can happen. She has been burned
not once, but twice. She will not move forward with
him until he comes to terms with his miserable past.
Great story, I rate it 5 out of 5. This is one of my
favorite inspirational romances.

A Family for Luke: Riverbend Series #3 (Love Inspired #476)

Where Love Abides Review

I really liked this book. The greatest tension was
how the heroine, Christine Turner was attracted
to the heroine, but literally afraid of him because
of something that happened to her in her past. Dale,
was baffled, but wanted to know why someone as
nice and wonderful as her wanted to hide away from
the world. His little daughter already has chosen her
for a mom, and he wanted to make both Christine's
and his daughters dream happen. I'd rate this one
a four out of five. Definitely something to pick up.

Where Love Abides (Heartland Homecoming, Book 3) (Love Inspired #443)