Friday, July 12, 2013

News And Reviews

I guess I've got too many irons in the fire. I can't work on my books, blog, work on projects and deal with my daily life without being overwhelmed. I'm neglecting to deliver those reviews like I promised. I have read thirteen books none of them have been reviewed yet. So here's what I'll do, to save time I will post a link to either my Goodreads or Amazon page so you can keep reading book reviews. Around September-October I'll be doing articles about Kindle, and reveal what works and what doesn't when selling books.
I have read A LOT of Kindle ebooks and courses over the past few months, and attended many webinars with some great information about marketing books. This will be the last time I will write a review on my blog. I just need more time to focus on my own books.

Autumn's Awakening by Irene Brand
Autumn Weaver comes home after eight years hoping to heal old family wounds. She never expected to see the one man she's always loved and hurt. She wasn't sure if Nathan Holland would ever forgive her...
I truly enjoyed this book. I think a majority of the Love Inspired books I have read and really liked were published ten years or more. The quality has gotten lame since then, however I liked the heroine and the hero they were real to me, and the storyline very good. The heroine was kind of a rebel, going against her parents to live how she wanted to live, that struck a chord with me. The hero was interesting as well. I wish I could say more but I read this months ago, but I did enjoy it very much. A good read if you can happen to get your hands on it.
Review thirteen completed. Twelve more books coming your way next Friday on Goodreads!