Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Ideas Than You Can Use

If you're ever stuck on what to write about, I found some
online generators that are really cool. A couple of them are
wacky, but there is still some good content in the ideas
that will get your creative juices flowing!




Friday, June 12, 2009

Book Review: Her Perfect Man By Jillian Hart

Someday My Prince Will...Move In Next Door?

Rebecca McKaslin had one of those Prince Charming types before and got burned. Her new neighbor, Chad Lawson seems a bit too perfect. She worries about getting involved with anyone again, but Chad is so easygoing, a guy who goes to church and so friendly, she can't help but be near him. Rebecca thinks that maybe, God is putting them together, but should she risk getting hurt a second time?

What I Thought: Five Out Of Five Stars

Rebecca is the youngest of the McKaslin Clan, and I just love her 'No Man Clause' to avoid getting hurt. Chad is really too good to be true to her, and she makes it clear in the beginning that they can only be friends. Thats what I loved about this story was that they were friends, then good friends and best friends. Rebecca has to come to terms with how she feels about her
choices of men, and what Chad had done in his past. Great Book.

Book Review: Her Wedding Wish By Jillian Hart

Her husband Can't Remember Her....

Jonas Lowell is a police officer who was shot in the line of duty. He has amnesia and his wife Danielle McKaslin Lowell, is trying everything she can to get his memory back of their life together with their young children. He looks at her through a strangers eyes. The precious times they shared was long forgotten, dreams of the future have disappeared. They have to get to know each other again, and with faith they can have something special again.

What I Thought: Four Out of Five Stars

I really liked this book, but the fact that he couldn't remember his wife and kids, and other people he knew was really sad. Danielle wanted him to remember everything they shared: Secret smiles, and just the little things of being best friends, but they had to rebuild their relationship bit by bit. It, of course as always, ended well, but I prefer her other McKaslin series books better.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book Review: The Duchess and The Dragon By Jamie Carie

Two Worlds, One Destiny...
Drake Weston, Duke of Northumberland, is heir to wealth prestige, and power. But when rage pushes him to a tragic mistake, he must leave everything behind. Not just his home, but England herself. Cloaked in a false identity, Drake slips aboard a ship bearing indentured servants to America.

Serena Winter lives out her Quaker beliefs tending the sick who arrive on ships in the Philadelphia harbor. Never has she met such a one as the half-conscious man with the penetrating eyes and arrogant demeanor. Though she saves his life, and takes him into her family home, there is little gratitude or humility in this man. And yet Serena is certain that beneath the brash exterior is a heart in search of peace.

What I Thought: Five out of Five Stars
I loved this story! Jamie Carie is Another one of my favorite authors. this was a very addicting read! Drake has had it hard. His father died giving him the evil eye, and he doesn't know why. It is revealed later in the story and will actually change his life forever. Serena-I just loved her character! She has a very fairytale like imagination and Drake was seemingly clairvoyant when it came to her and they just clicked from the beginning. I loved their romance and how she gave up being a Quaker to marry him. The only downer to me in this book was when Drake was trying to hold on to the past. Life wasn't fair to him, and he wanted so much, but he had to change, (as Serena had to change with her 'fairytale' dreams), and to me it was very unfair and cruel. Of course alls well in the end, but that was the only 'aww man' part in the book to me.

Book Review: His Holiday Heart By Jillian Hart

The McKaslin Clan series. A Montana Scrooge with a Secret Crush. What can make a grumpy "there-is-no-Santa-Claus" kind of man smile? The sight of quirky Lucy Chapin. Something about the woman creates warm and fuzzy feelings within confirmed bachelor Spence McKaslin. So he'll just have to ignore her. Hard to do since they're working together on a Christmas program for hospitalized children....

What I Thought:
I am definitely hooked on the McKaslin Clan series! This book has a lot of humor in it. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Spence was a Scrooge in this story but it was more like a front to keep people away. Those who knew him(his family) knew how good he really was, but he never showed it to the world that much. He has a reason for behaving that way, which when you read it you will find is understanding. Lucy wasn't on the hunt for a husband either, but is very much hooked on Spence, as he is with her. I give this one five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Cinderella Plan By Margaret Daley

From the Tiny Blessings Series.Anne has a crush on her minister Caleb Williams.
Three girls from the teen center transformed her into Cinderella. She's not sure that he would want to date someone as 'plain' as she is, and she didn't have the strong faith that he had. Still, she dreams of being with him.

What I Thought:
It was a sweet story. Anne came from a background where her parents basically ignored her, all they cared about was each other and their career. The only family member who loved her was her Grandma Rose, who taught her about God. There were also her three best friends, Rachel, Pilar and Meg who she knew from school and made life better for her when kids picked on her at school. She has a physical defect and she's shy also. The hero, Caleb had been hurt before when he tried to convert someone to God and it didn't work, so he's not trying to fall in love with her. She's not trying to fall for him, but they do anyway. A child is also involved in the story, whom they both love and are trying to help. It takes two near tragic events for Anne to come to God and put her faith in him. Out of five stars, I give it a 4.5.