Friday, June 12, 2009

Book Review: Her Perfect Man By Jillian Hart

Someday My Prince Will...Move In Next Door?

Rebecca McKaslin had one of those Prince Charming types before and got burned. Her new neighbor, Chad Lawson seems a bit too perfect. She worries about getting involved with anyone again, but Chad is so easygoing, a guy who goes to church and so friendly, she can't help but be near him. Rebecca thinks that maybe, God is putting them together, but should she risk getting hurt a second time?

What I Thought: Five Out Of Five Stars

Rebecca is the youngest of the McKaslin Clan, and I just love her 'No Man Clause' to avoid getting hurt. Chad is really too good to be true to her, and she makes it clear in the beginning that they can only be friends. Thats what I loved about this story was that they were friends, then good friends and best friends. Rebecca has to come to terms with how she feels about her
choices of men, and what Chad had done in his past. Great Book.

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