Monday, May 25, 2009

A Little More Time....

My non-fiction ebook for writers is not yet complete.
I have just a little more to write, editing, then
I will announce it. It will be done soon, but I cannot
say what date yet.

If you are having trouble selling your books, then you
will want this ebook. I list the best ways to sell your
books. There are thousands of ways, but you don't
want to make marketing a full-time job, writing
should be.

The ebook also talks about how to write fast. For
those of you who take months, and perhaps a year
to write a book, I tell you how to speed up the pro-
cess. There is a new way to get your books done,
also. It takes skill to get good at it, but once you
do, you can complete your books faster!

I'm going to list all my secret websites in there too.
All the tools I use, the best marketing resources and
more. I'm giving away over 6 bonuses for those who
purchase it. So, if you want to get your books written
faster, subscribe to this blog to know when it is going
on sale.

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