Friday, October 16, 2009


Right now I can happily say that I have completed my
very first novel(romance), and two children's manuscripts.
One is poetry and the other a picture book. :) I do not know
which way I am going to go with it. I don't know whether
to try a major publisher or a small publisher. Still, I want
to have someone look at the novel to see if it's saleable.

Currently, though, I am working on three different books
for online publishers. I feel that I can get my books published
much faster this way. I have read several books in my genre and
have a feel for what the audience likes. One author who's book
that I purchased, was in print form. I was really shocked.
There was no editing done in the book.

There was so many typos that it would make your head spin!
The story itself was good, but it could have been much better
had the author taken the time to develop it more. Having said
that, that book sold many copies. I'm like, 'Hello'. If someone
could have a book like that in print and ebook form and still
have it sell....I could publish my books too and do a much better job!

I know I have talked about a much faster way to sell books, and
I was working on a case study, but I hit a snag. In order to sell
more books the better way, I need a printing service, and I can't find
one locally. I tried searching online, but so far, did not find one
to suit my needs, so I'm putting that on the back burner for awhile.

So there you have it. I will have a good freebie for you the next time!

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