Friday, January 29, 2010

Book Contest Details

I will have a new one each month. The first contest
will be for my non-fiction ebook, Free Cash On The
Internet. It's value is $19.99, but I'm currently selling it for $5.00
along with 30 bonus ebooks that will help you earn more money,
save money, and live a better life. Of course, the deadline for
buying it with the bonuses ends today, at midnight actually.

So I'm changing the rules a bit. In this contest, 10 people
can win Free Cash On The Internet with the 30 bonus books.
I need more readers and subscribers to my article page at
Associated Content. To date, all I have is 264, 273 total page views.
I want to reach over one million page views. I don't care if it's two
million, or one million one hundred page views.
To win, here's all you have to do:
1. Sign up to my email list.
Only people on my email list will be entered into the contest.
2. Subscribe to my article page on Associated Content
Writegrrl's AC Page
3. Read articles
4. Make valuable comments
5. Tell me why you should win Free Cash on the Internet
with all the bonuses on my blog Writegrrl or 99Percent Free

Once I have over one million page views, then the winners
will be picked at random on February 28, 2010.
Tomorrow evening, I will post videos about the book as
well as give you the opt-in list to sign up. Spread the word.
I promise that other books to give away will be total fiction.

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