Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rapid Publishing Is Now On Kindle

Rapid Publishing + Bonus MaterialI really must apologize. Rapid Publishing has been on Kindle since the last week
of June. I am just now getting together a marketing campaign. This is the first of a series of e-books for writers.
What is it About?
Rapid Publishing is all about getting your book, well, done quickly. Too many writers spend a long time writing their books. You can get your book completed in as little as a week, or a month with careful calculated planning. The first in this series will tell you how to read fast, write fast and get published fast and tools to use. 
Who Is It For? 
Originally I had intended this for people who want to self-publish, or for those who want to begin writing for profit. There are many priceless resources I have found just by being on certain mailing lists, or surfing online that will benefit published writers as well.
Where You Can Buy It
It is $2.99 on Kindle or you can buy it through Paypal and get the PDF for $2.99. Total Pages: 16
Keep reading to find out how you can get more books in the series for free.
The Rest Of The Series
In order, here is the rest of the Rapid Publishing Series.
Rapid Publishing: The Best Way To Sell Your Books
Rapid Publishing: Rich Author Vs. Poor Author
Rapid Publishing: The Secret To Getting Anything You Want
Rapid Publishing: Fabulous Websites For Authors
Rapid Publishing: Free Software For Writers
Rapid Publishing: E-Publishers Directory
The Best Way to Sell Your Books And Rich Author Vs. Poor Author will be on Kindle next week and if you want a PDF, you can buy it through Paypal. So, Here's the deal...
Buy Rapid Publishing and get other ebooks in the series *Free*!
If you buy Rapid Publishing on Kindle or Paypal on the following days: July 24-July 31st, you will get three bonus books:(PDF only)
#1.Rapid Publishing: Fabulous Websites For Authors(Value: $2.99) Free
This is a list of my secret  stash of websites that can help authors sell and promote their books. Many of these I found just by surfing the Internet. Writers Courses, social networks, free publicity(I'm talking television),  web tools, Royalty free and public domain images for your books,  or if you prefer ready made covers, Royalty free music, and free royalty free music for your book trailers and much more!
Total Pages: 12
#2.Rapid Publishing: Free Software For Writers(Value: $2.99) Free
Various kinds of software available online for free to write your books more easily. One software lets you   create novels, comic books, games, music videos, podcasts and more!
Total Pages: 5
#3. Sit Down And Write That...BestSelling Novel(PDF) Free
From This is a great book for beginning writers. Learn how to do research, the basics of writing, writing fantasy, childrens' books, fiction and nonfiction, Copyright, query letters, how to find a good agent, titling you books and more.
Total Pages: 71
Just buy from either link below, send me a copy by email of your amazon/Paypal receipt, and I will send you the links for the three bonus PDF ebooks.

Rapid Publishing + Bonus Material

I must have a copy of your receipt before I send you the links for the free ebooks, and you must buy on the dates specified, because these bonuses will not remain free.  This will most likely be the only nonfiction series for writers I will ever do. If I learn anymore tips, I'll  only be sharing it in a private group.  So, if you are a writer or you want to be a writer, request to be my friend on  Facebook. Since I don't know you, send me a message along with the request, in one or two sentences what you like about Rapid Publishing.

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