Friday, November 25, 2011

November News

Okay, where have I been? Well in September my computer was
not working, and the tech people waited until the next month to
even bother to come and fix it, and didn't do such a great job,
because I had to ask the computer tech guy at my job what
I should do!
As you can see, I am back. I'm going to be making a lot of
changes to this blog. My book reviews are just going to be
on the websites I post them, which are Amazon, Goodreads,
and Shelfari, when I do, you'll see a link here to take you
to the page.
I will be a published author in 2012. I've signed a three
book deal with Desert Breeze Publishing. My first book
will be out in February, the second in September. So I
am busy writing, editing, etc.
So this blog will be all about my books, and books I
read. As for the writers tips, I am waiting until I see that
the marketing and promotion strategies I use work well,
and then I will start a group, sell a course, I am not sure
what until 2012. So There you have it! I have to go, and
keep stopping back and see the changes.

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