Friday, January 8, 2016

News: Okay, I Am Finally Moving Forward

I am done trying to figure out how to be successful at marketing. I have found a great author's group that will help you learn everything from formatting your ebook, creating great covers to getting reviews. It's a great community. There is training,  Question and answer sessions. I really believe that there is no stone un turned when it comes to this website. Right now there is a trial membership that you really should take advantage of. I am, because I need, and want to desperately work from home.

Apex Authors

Last year was a mixture of good and bad. I was physically unable to do any work for  several weeks. Of the dozen or more books I have in Kindle, I should have been making at least four figures a month, but I didn't. I couldn't work, and with my job- you don't work, you don't get paid!  Well, Fast forward to 2016. I am feeling better, and am determined to make more from my writing. This group is the answer. Sign up today, and take a trial membership. Find out if it can (and it will) help you succeed in selling your books.

Apex Authors

 So, after I digest some of this information, I am going to re-do all of my Kindle books, and expand my horizons. Do you have your books on multiple websites? If not, you should. I will be posting in three months(I hope less than that) the best websites to upload your books to get multiple sales, and I am going back to my book reviews and post a link from every book that I have read, so expect more of that in 2016!  I don't know how long this trial is going to last, so make sure that you sign up today and get more from your writing!

Apex Authors

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