Friday, May 3, 2013

Review of Blessings by Lois Richer

A LI romance. Joshua, a doctor with a great medical practice has three daughters and he needs all the help he can get. He's a widower, just trying to keep it together. He needs someone to help him temporarily and in walks young surgeon Nicole. She comes in and the patients love her, as well as his family. Getting through to him is one tough job, that she can handle.
Once Nicole comes to Blessing she sees her future changing, but to get all that she desires will mean restoring the faith of one stubborn doctor, and his ability to love again. Joshua does not make it easy, she is going to have to fight for the man that she loves.
This was a great story. A romance with kids is always great. Nicole gets him to see who his daughters are, and get closer to them. To make things easier at work, she has to work behind the scenes because he's so unbending. The conflict was great, and I liked another part of the story of Nicole's problem with her father. Joshua was able to see it, and their father daughter relationship changed. What was annoying about this book was the doctor always reminding her that her position was temporary, and he didn't want her as a partner. That part was a bit too much. Great read though, four out of five stars.

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