Friday, May 3, 2013

Review of Heaven Sent by Jillian Hart

A LI romance. Hope gets stranded, and who should come to her rescue? Matthew a guy she remembered from high school. Both are lonely people. He's a widower with three small boys. She's a rich man's daughter who prefers the country life.She's there to be with her grandmother, until she's well. I don't like when  his mother and her grandmother continually try to set them up. He didn't think he'd have anything in common with a rich girl. His boys want her for a mother, though and he dares to dream himself.
*sigh* Typical LI romance. I usually like  most of Jillian Hart's books, but this is one that I do not ever want to read again.  The mother and grandmother  bit was really annoying. Matthew and Hope weren't really great friends in high school and she was going through a bad time herself, so he was thinking she was "too good" for that life, etc. It seemed Hope was always trying to prove she was just the girl next door.  The ending annoyed me, too. When you admit you love someone, you run off to the airport, really? He was there at the airport to get her back, but....I don't know, it seemed the author got a little bit lazy and just tacked on an end, trying to make it seem like it was exciting. I did not like this one. Two stars, just because I actually made it to the end.

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