Friday, May 3, 2013

Review of Heaven's Kiss By Lois Richer

This Love Inspired romance is about Danielle who is returning home from a huge disappointment at college and to a huge debt that her father left her after he died. She faces ending her dreams to keep what her father tried to build. The continuous problems keep testing her faith. Doctor Lucas comes to town, a man who encourages her and makes her life easier. She wants him to stay, but he's not sure that he really belongs there.
Staying in Blessing wasn't what he really had in mind for his life intending to be a bachelor.
I really liked this book, and I can't say that about many LI romances. The hero wasn't someone who was sure of himself, and confident when it came to speaking in front of people, he couldn't do the typical male thing like using tools successfully and that's what endeared me to him. Danielle had a problem with trust, and even though she connected with Lucas, she was afraid to let go until the end. I think more stories need to be made with this type of hero.
I also like how the author got Lucas to finally settle down, but then Danielle was the one who wanted to go in the end, and he had to get a way to make her stay. Great story. I give it four out of five stars.

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