Friday, May 3, 2013

Review of Instant Mom by Nia Vardalos

You remember the lead actress from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Yeah, this is her book. This is written in first person about her story of how she adopted her daughter. This was a great read. She tells you about how she got started in her career, and the pain she went through trying to have a child, and her success. What I like about her as a person is that she is "real" people for one, and for another she has this thing about her that whenever someone tells her no, she doesn't listen, and keeps going for her dreams. That's what I like best about Nia.
Of course Nia has a great, sometimes wicked sense of humor, so her story is informative, funny as well as inspirational. The title Instant Mom means that she adopted her daughter through the foster care system. In the beginning she didn't know anything about it, and how it worked. At the end of the book she tells you in detail the many types of adoption, how much it costs, etc. I mean anything and everything about it, even age limitations for parents, so those who want to adopt a child, this is a great book to read so you'll know what to expect and the process you have to go through. I give this five out of five stars for the adoption facts at the end alone.

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