Friday, May 10, 2013

Review of Bluegrass Courtship By Allie Pleiter

Ugh! I couldn't stand this book. The story is all about how a television show(like Extreme Makeover Home) comes to a small town to help this church out. The Heroine Janet, believes the hero Drew from "Missionnovation" is a fake television type who wont do what he says. Why, do you ask? Way back in the day when she was "into" God and helping others, her ex-fiance appeared to be the same way as Drew, but that creep stole all the money he was supposed to be helping others with and dumped her, so she gives up on God, and people like our loveable hero.
Drew is a good guy and all and once he meets her knows her type, and is determined to get her to believe in him and that he does best for the people he helps. Unlike Janet, Drew has a close relationship with the lord. What I hated about this book: There is no romance! To have a Courtship, like the title implies, you have to have a "loving" relationship. At least, like each other.  Even though they did have some kind of relationship, it was very negative on her side. It didn't seem like she liked him. She definitely did not trust him.  To me, they did not start officially "courting" until the very last chapter of the book.
 Drew kind of liked her and was attempting to make the first step with her, in the middle of the story when she got angry at him, he apologized for barely implying that he was! Janet was annoying, stubborn and just plain stupid to me. Drew kept being so nice to her, I wanted him to just give up! To me, this is not a romance. Most of the book was Janet being a jerk, and Drew trying to prove himself, trying to like her, but knowing he shouldn't because she didn't have a relationship with God. He didn't give up on her though, because if he did, this book would have been a failure, because Janet does not make the first move.
The only good thing I can say about this book was that Janet finally stopped being stupid and went back to church and embraced Drew and was, what do you know, "happy" after many long senseless, lonely years! Of all the reasons why a person quits going to church, and stops their relationship with God, I thought this was the lamest.
I like stories where it's clear that the hero/heroine like each other and are trying to fight it. There's always a kiss or two thrown in even if they believe it's a mistake- way before the Twenty-sixth chapter. Yeah, that's right. The first kiss happens one chapter before the very last one.
I won't be reading anymore LI books after this one. I'll stick to my favorites like Michelle Sutton, Jamie Carie, Grace Livingston Hill, etc. There's only three more LI reviews to post. Don't worry, fortunately I liked those books.

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  1. Well, we didn't have a strong opinion there, did we? LOL! Thanks for the mention as being a favorite author of yours. Hugs.